For children 3 years of age tend to be mobile and curious. To ensure the timely development of the baby, it is necessary to correctly organize the leisure. Focus on games that develop fine motor skills of the fingers, as it is directly connected with formation of children's brains. This can be a straightforward device from the designer, folding pictures from cubes, mosaic or jigsaw puzzles, games on performance of simple movements in response to the words of an adult, learning the poems, together with the parent manufacturer of crafts, drawing, role play mothers and daughters, doctors, etc. every day take time for the General physical development of the child. It's outdoor games, doing exercise, Hiking, inline skating and Biking under the supervision of an adult. Child 3 years of age needs the company of peers. At this age, it is useful to organize in a kindergarten. If this is not possible, try to keep the child learned to communicate with peers on a walk, organize children's parties.
Child development 3 years runs properly if it possesses certain abilities and skills. Parents don't need to perform for him those actions which he can do independently. Especially when it comes to the self: dressing, undressing, eating, hygiene, toilet. Maximize the ability of young children to imitate. It is unwise to teach a child to clean after itself toys, if dad is not learned to put his clothes in the closet, and mom leaves dirty dishes on the table after a meal. The kid in 3 years with pleasure helps parents in household chores. Of course, it is not all good. It is important not to discourage children's will to work. Therefore, in any case can not be blamed for the inept execution of the deeds, otherwise the work will turn into punishment.
Take care of the safety of the child before he goes to kindergarten. He should know his surname, name, patronymic and surnames of their parents, as well as your address. Encourage his stories about his life: what he ate, what he did, with whom he played. Teach him to go to strangers not even if they offer sweets, toys, and more. Teach to wash hands before eating, to behave at the table, use a handkerchief, to greet and to say goodbye. Keep in mind that cultural behavior in society the child learns from parents. It is important that the child is pre-learned to share their toys, to play by the rules, to fend for themselves. Kids up to 3 years should be introduced to the word "no." That is, the child should clearly know that not all that dangerous: to enable the appliances to venture alone from home, take a match, etc.
The child around the age of 2.5 – 3.5 years there is a crisis. This is manifested in the desire for independence: the desire to succeed, to do the opposite; disobeying adults. Parents need to understand that this transition period is necessary for the development of children of will and pride. It is important to keep a child a good relationship. To mitigate the crisis 3 years in children in advance to accustom your baby to the regime of the day. This will weaken the struggle of the child for performing ordinary chores: getting dressed, eating, bedtime, etc., Use the child's ability at this age to quickly switch from one activity to another. That is, instead of having to confront the kid, you can distract his attention to something interesting and enjoyable. Behave with the child as an equal: try to consult with him, let to do a lot yourself. But in any case can not let the kid anything you want, guided by the harmful principles: "the child played, if only did not cry". Crisis 3 years usually takes place within 1 year.