Why a child throws tantrums?

A child of three years may throw tantrums for many reasons.

First, children at this age have already realized that they are not one with the mother that they are separate, independent personality. They have their own needs, as well as to wait little kids don't know how and patience they have not yet developed, they begin to demand to fulfill their desires right now, having been refused, get frustrated and throw a tantrum.

Secondly, despite the independence, three-year olds want parents showed as often as possible the love that once seemed absolute, – now they need deeds and actions and words and taking care of children can not be regarded as love.

Thirdly, they already know how to perform basic actions: walk, talk, dress, eat, but they have little. So often there are fears that it will be one that left him. All these feelings are too confusing and difficult, so they can be put into words, and the child is upset, screaming, crying and hysterics.

Sometimes the kid knows that help hysteria get their way and applies this method if he wants a new toy, sweets, watch cartoons or even play, in this case, it is a way of manipulation, which should not be encouraged. And in many cases children simply are not able to control their negative emotions and manifest them in such a way - in the form of tantrums.

What to do with the hysterical?

First and foremost, when and where the tantrum with your child, remain calm and don't act. Do not try to calm neither his beliefs, nor stop screaming or prohibitions. It is advisable not to react to violent displays of emotion, or try to hug and squeeze the child, if the tantrum was out of control. Say at the same time gentle words and consoled him.

Some psychologists advise to go into another room and leave your baby -- if it was just a clever manipulation, he will calm down quickly. But this hysterical baby can be scary, when no one else is, so it's best to be there and to wait until emotions had calmed down.

In any case do not go to make concessions, even when the child-or demands – he will quickly understand that the way to put their conditions. Parents should have control over the situation. If the baby starts behaving too violently, we should take him to a safer place.

After the hysteria calmly talk with your child, try to verbalize why he was upset, he realized that it was a more efficient way to Express their wishes.