Aggressors can't control this feeling, it is beyond the scope of what is permitted and suffers from this as he is the aggressor, which it destroys, and the people around him. This is usually bullies and bullies. They are aggressive towards teachers, children, and all who under a hand will get. Children begin to fear him, and the child bully is alone, everyone is ignoring it. Is the suspension even more angry kid, he gets unruly in words and actions. The reason for this behavior is the lack of attention from adults, disregard request, disregard of children's needs. This is just one side of the coin. The second type is the sufferer. It all hurt, friends had not, the child is bypassed. The reasons for this are many - one of them: the child is considered weak and unable to fight back. People are friends with those who are similar to them. And the rest despise that something is not like the others.

There are quiet kids who have the courage to start calling the other insulting words, no one wants to be friends. For its part, the mother can talk with the child and explain that you need to show respect and compassion for people. If the child suffers from communication in children's collective, mother needs to speak with the teachers, in what may be the reason, try to find out the baby may in this garden to him are hostile.

Then the solution would be to transfer to another group. If the child becomes a victim of bullies, he is beaten, it is necessary to take urgent measures to meet and discuss with parents conflict little aggressor's behavior. In no case should not provoke his child to the retaliation provision, but also to tease a pussy is not worth it.