The victim is a person who feels helplessness, exhaustion, desire someone to obey, lack of understanding, powerlessness and feeling filthy.

The aggressor is the person who believes in himself and in his abilities, he is constantly looking for justice, willing to punish someone and how to act on the victim and the Savior.

The Savior – the person who always wants to help, has a sense of confidence and pity.

From this we can conclude that the first role has to endure bullying. The second part punishes, and third parties trying to save. It should also be understood that while in this geometrical figure, the individual is in any case will perform all functions. It take all of maybe an unlimited amount of time and doesn't depend on the members themselves.

For example, a spouse can no longer tolerate, alcohol dependence, no longer has any desire to drink, and the doctor doesn't want to betray the family that has a favorable solution. Everything is easy and simple. But everything will depend on result. You need to have at least one of the participants came from the triangle, otherwise all can play our roles forever.

Is it possible to leave the triangle? To start is to understand, as someone was logged. There is the concept of "inversion of roles". For example, the aggressor is perceived as teacher, Saviour, helper and attendant, and the victim is the student. If people are inclined to think that in the triangle, he entered the role of Savior, you should get rid of the thoughts that compel us to act nobly to the victim. In this case, it will be of help to the victim, but without any results. After that a vulnerable individual will begin to understand that it can be learned independently.

Constantly there is a desire to help someone, and this is the temptation, the sufferer is considered to be the seducer. But at the same time the person becomes a tempter or inciting against the victim, which he wants to help. Therefore it is necessary to give the chance to do most anything. Perhaps for the first time he makes a mistake, but it will be his mistakes, from which conclusions will be drawn. There will be no cause for reproach, in this case, the victim can become the aggressor.