As in most cases of nervous disorders, consult a specialist. Therapy aggressive States today uses a rather limited number of drugs. Some of them are still not completely tested, so eliminate the possibility of self-treatment you or your child. Treatment should be undertaken only under medical supervision.Suppressed aggression while taking atypical antipsychotics: clozapine and risperdal. Can have a positive effect on the lithium salt, valproeva acid, trazodone, carbamazepine. Considered to have high effectiveness tricyclic antidepressants.
A special place in the treatment of aggression is psychotherapy. There are specially designed techniques that focus on the redirection and suppression of aggression. Get therapy, learn techniques, and you will be able to suppress their negative state. For example, if you feel that your irritability has reached a critical limit, tear to shreds the newspaper, hit a sofa cushion.
Try seriously to play sports, desire to win, the release of adrenaline, anger will help to suppress the aggressive state.
If you have been composing poems and stories, do it again. Only change the genre, try writing scary stories. Often aggression spilled out on paper, reduces the expression of aggression in real life.
If you do not suffer from excessive suspiciousness, laugh often, attend concerts, comedians, compete in fun team games. But if you see enemies everywhere, leave this idea.
One easy solution is to try to avoid situations that can lead to you in problematic behavior.