How should behave with his grown-up child in the age of 11-15 years?

First. It is worth to remember yourself at that age and try to take all of his rash actions. Now it seems that all around don't understand him, he alone knows best who he is and what he is. At this age children are looking for yourself and your path! Protests with the use of loud heavy music, immodest dress, a staunch contradiction to the adults, and the first broken love, and the first alcohol of cigarettes. Your task – with a lot of patience to treat such behavior, it is possible to support some moments. Just remember how you felt a lack of support from adults?

Second. In this interesting age your child is heavily dependent on the views of their peers. Their advice and opinions are much more important than the advice of adults. In this situation it is not necessary to aggravate the situation and criticize his behavior. Refrain in the conversation from the notations. In a personal conversation try to find out the true motives of the act. Surely they would be completely innocuous than you imagine. It is extremely important to learn to listen to your own child. No need to climb to him with advice, often he's just trying to talk.

Third. In older grades, your baby begins to place value and to find an occupation to taste. As you to help him out with this choice? Successful people get pleasure from their work. Your main mission here is to find interests. Let your child itself will learn that this activity brings him joy and satisfaction. Unfortunately, nowadays, many people choose a profession at the urging of their short-sighted parents, thereby dooming themselves to not your favorite chore. They once threw his children's hobby, but often such a harmless hobby becomes a life's work. No matter in what sphere of activity he sees himself, just help him with that.