Primarily family and close people as a whole can help the child to parental love and limitless patience. Despite the apparent aloofness, for children is very important to know that loved ones are willing to listen to them, that they can share with their parents not only their successes and positive experiences but also negative situations that happen to them, to give advice and to give psychological support in a time of despair. Parents, as a rule, listen but not hear of a teenager, not realizing that if they don't hear your child right now, you will never hear it.

Children are not Frank with the people because parents sometimes instead of support begin to stuff their morals, annoying dialogues about the benefits and dangers of certain things, insisting resolutely on his unconditional parental right and authority. They say banal: "Here I was your age... And you did not listen, and therefore suffer now." This is parental selfishness and hypocrisy, and children acutely feel and understand it. Teens subtly discern hypocrisy, exposing not only the lies of the Intrusive moralizing, but go mad from cold indifference, because that is extremely vulnerable at this age and take everything to heart.

Many adults, grown wise life experience, saying: "the Transitional age – not terrible, this self-will". But had to add: "the Main thing that passed without consequences for the child," otherwise, later it will be impossible to fix or rewind time.