Try to focus on the positive traits your child often and to praise him. Do not skimp on the praise, because, as you know, "praise inspires". Praise your child-teenager, even if you feel that perform a particular task or work, he could have been much better.
Limit yourself to accidentally blame the teenager. At this age children are too critical comments. Escaped from your lips claim can lead to serious consequences: the teenager will "cheat" and develop all sorts of negative thoughts, which can then be complexes and low self-esteem.
Unobtrusively interested in their child's life. But remember: no lectures! Criticism and notation – enemies relationship with your childisa teenager!
Try to become your child a real friend. If you manage to find the "Golden key" to your young child, you will be able to achieve what the son or daughter will be very Frank with you, which in turn will give you the opportunity to adjust the actions of the child and protect him from evil influence.
All discussions with a child-teenager and teachings lead only in a friendly way. If you feel that the peak of emotional tension increases, postpone the conversation until the feelings subside. Remember: before you start a conversation with a child-a teenager, with him to make eye contact.
Share with a child their life experiences. However, in no case do not take the whole burden of his mistakes, as this may cause the teenager in the future will not be able to solve problems independently.