By purchasing makeup dry, You add water directly before use, thereby avoiding preservatives and other chemical elements.

Dry cosmetics based on herbs and minerals. It is composed of clays, various salts, copper, minerals. Dry makeup will never cause harm to Your skin. Thanks to her you receive the chance to keep Your skin healthy and beautiful. You have allergies when using dry cosmetic, because in its composition has no toxic elements, causing skin irritation.

Of course, dry cosmetics have not yet acquired a wide popularity. It offered only a few cosmetic companies. So where to buy dry makeup? If LN-Cosmetics accounted for You to taste but You don't know where to buy it, use the services of Internet-shops. You will get high quality cosmetics, and You don't even have to leave the house to buy it.

Remember, soon dry cosmetics will be known worldwide and You can become one of the first lucky winners. Dry cosmetics is Your beauty.