The choice of cream for dry facial skin

Excessively dry skin requires special care. Dry skin can cause many unpleasant sensations. The face looks not too attractive, and ages faster.

The correct cream will help to improve the condition of dry skin in quite a short time. Choosing this cosmetic product in the store, you need to pay attention to the name of the manufacturer, date of production, shelf life.

Dry skin, which lacks lipids. Rich, nourishing cream is able to fill the gap. Good cream for dry skin can not be too cheap, as in its composition, as a rule, are expensive high quality oil. From buying a very cheap cream, it is better to refuse.

If budget shopping is limited, it is better to give preference to the cream from the Russian manufacturer. These cosmetic products have reasonable price, but at the same time quite effective and safe.

Better cream for dry skin can be purchased in pharmacies. Manufacturers of pharmaceutical cosmetics produce the whole line of cosmetics designed specifically for this skin type. They include not only high-quality fats and oils, but skin-related enzymes, ceramides and vitamins.

Pharmacy cream help even from atopic dermatitis. Often excessively dry skin is also very sensitive. So better to put her on hypoallergenic cream purchased from the pharmacy. If you experience severe skin problems, you should immediately consult a beautician who will help you to choose the most suitable cream.

When choosing care products for dry skin should pay particular attention to its composition. It is desirable that it had no dyes, parabens, perfume fragrances. All of these components can cause serious allergies. It should also avoid buying creams that have been released for quite some time. Oils included in their composition, tend to rapidly deteriorate, so the quality of the products in the second half of the permissible storage life is substantially reduced.

Rules for the care of dry skin

To improve the condition of dry skin, not enough to buy a quality cream. It is equally important to learn how to care for the person. Only need to wash with boiled water at room temperature. Cold and over-chlorinated water in this case can lead to the emergence of allergies.

After washing you need to dry the skin and only then to put on her nourishing cream. Fatty creams have a rather dense texture, so distribute them in person is quite difficult. You need to apply the cream patting movements, strictly along the massage lines. Stretch the skin and rubbed into it the cream is not recommended.