The Cenacle, where the disciples of Christ and the virgin Mary, was decorated with branches of trees, grasses and flowers, symbolizing the renewal of the soul and the awakening of nature. The tradition of decorating with greenery houses and churches were transferred to the Russian people. The day of farewell to spring and summer meetings Slavs dedicated Lada – the goddess of spring. As birch, by this time dressed in elegant greens, it was treated with special reverence. Around birch staged the dances and sang songs. The girls were decorated with birch branches home and weaved them into wreaths. Wreaths were wondering. They were thrown into the water and watched: if the floats – will be happy, if you sink – it may be the death of a loved one, and moves one place will upset the wedding. In Trinity ran games, swung on the swing, lit bonfires and swimming in the river. It was customary to bring to Church mourned a tuft of grass. People believed that this ritual gives the earth rain and will protect it from the summer drought.
Orthodox churches on the day of the Trinity served the Liturgy and great Vespers. The day before the feast, the temple washed and clean. Priests for the celebration to dress in green, white or Golden clothes, signifying the life-giving power of the Holy spirit. Icons of the temple are decorated with birch branches, and the floor was covered with freshly cut grass. In Trinity to commemorate deceased relatives. The priests read prayers for the repose of the souls of all the departed, of the salvation of those whose souls are in hell. Prayers are recited to them kneeling, which means the end poslepechatnogo period that does not allow bows and krenopelopia.In addition to the resting place of the dead the prayers of the Church and the descent of the Holy spirit, the gift of grace to all present. The priests urged believers to worship the divine Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The second day after Trinity is called Spirit day. It begins with the morning prayer: the canons are sung, written by Cosmas and John Mayskim by Damascene.
Celebration of the Trinity, like any other holiday is not complete without a festive table. On Thursday, before Pentecost, the believers begin to prepare the eggs, milk, fresh herbs, poultry and fish. Eggs is considered a mandatory dish, because it symbolizes the hot sun. Popular baking – buns, pies, pancakes. Drink – kissel, wine, beer, Mead. On the day of the Trinity in the morning, go to Church, then having a meal and festivities in the forest, in a field near the river. Tablecloth for table should be green, like spring nature.