Holy Trinity day (Holy Pentecost) is always especially revered by the Russian people. On this solemn day there are special festive divine services in all Orthodox churches. Read certain prayers in which the priest asks for God's divine grace to all believers.

On the day of the Holy Trinity in many Orthodox churches there is a special situation. There is a tradition to decorate the room with grass and various flowers, a beautiful green bushes and even small trees.

Stepping into an Orthodox Church decorated with the feast of the Holy Trinity, one can observe that the entire floor is covered with grass. This temple is a pleasant smell of cut grass.

Believers before Pentecost decorate the icons with flowers. In the window openings and put green bushes or small trees. Very often used birch as a symbol of Russian nature.

The altar is decorated with grass and trees. The Royal doors (the Central doors of the altar) and the side doors are decorated with birch trees.

There is a pious tradition, after the leave-taking of the feast of the Holy Trinity to gather the grass from the temple. The believers may be sanctified steamed the grass and use it for medicinal purposes.