To preserve the health and good appearance, you must follow some not difficult, but fundamental rules.

Only fresh food

Food storage in unsuitable conditions should be taboo. You must use only fresh food, therefore it is recommended to check periodically if there is something rotting not lying around in the fridge. Special attention is paid to eggs as the external factors in any way of their depraved condition not to be.

Variety and balance

It is not necessary to lean on one buckwheat, if you suddenly wanted to throw the extra 10 pounds. Despite the fact that buckwheat – Queen of croup, it has all the micronutrients necessary for the body. In the process of proper diet is necessary to make a balanced menu that will not get bored after a few days. The monotony of eating very quickly bored.

Vegetables and fruits

No one will dispute the fact that vegetables and fruits is goldmine of vitamins and minerals. Even with the most strict diet should eat one Apple a day. As well as fruits and vegetables promote proper absorption of protein.

Winter and summer seasons

Like any mammal, the person in winter should increase the intake of proteins and the right fats. In the summer, to avoid overloading the digestive system, as well as to supply vitamins, it makes sense to add to the diet of more vegetables.

The restriction of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are substances from which a person takes energy. Excessive amount of carbohydrates, which was not expended in clean energy is deposited in the form of fat. Therefore, when losing weight it is recommended to reduce the amount of carbs to 2 grams per kilogram of body weight. In this case, if you sustain diet a light jog, the body will start taking energy from fat, and definitely will reduce their number.


Since childhood everyone knows that herring with milk – the combination of a threat. Compatibility of products should be correct, since incompatible products can lead to indigestion, gases, toxins in the intestine.

Eating is a ritual

Not worth it when eating to be distracted by a book or TV. Only putting aside all the side of the case, it is possible to truly get pleasure from food.

Thus, these simple rules will significantly improve the condition of the body and will help to get rid of the ill-fated extra pounds.