This system is based the methodology of the world famous French Dukan. With the help of his recommendations people managed to achieve unprecedented success, the results of which are kept beautifully over the years.

Uses this system and Ekaterina Mirimanova in the diet "Minus 60", a little adjusting it to the specifics of human biorhythms and adding your additional recommendations, personally tested on himself. Fans of her system satisfied with stable results and ease of application of the regime in practice. Also, she advises to combine diet with an active exercise, beauty treatments and massage.

To understand the meaning of the regime of separation of power, it is necessary to identify the main group contained in food:



- carbohydrates;

- plant foods.

Basic and inviolable rule of the system of separation of power - the prohibition of combining between two groups: protein and carbohydrates. Other groups can be part of a group of proteins and the group of carbohydrates. The principle of operation is simple: the digestion of the body proteins and carbohydrates require different reagents - acid and alkaline environment. In the interaction they cancel each other out, resulting in food bad splits. Unprocessed balances proteins and carbohydrates are deposited in problem areas in the waist and hips.

Foods that contain protein: meat, fish, seafood, eggs, etc.

Products, which prevail carbohydrates: cereals, sweets, flour products and potatoes.

The difference between these two groups of products must be at least 1.5-2 hours. Proteins are advised to consume two times a week because that is enough for the human body. Increase the effect of weight loss and will reduce the burden on kidneys - abundant drinking regime. Observing this mode, you can not only lose weight but and improve the body, to clean it of toxins, get rid of constipation and even, according to Shelton, to extend the life of 20 years.

As in any system, it has its opponents. They argue that the human body for years of existence has adapted and learned to mixed digest food, and that this diet will only get worse. Debates and studies on this topic are still underway.