Main rule of healthy eating is that the number of received energy in the body must match the time expended. Alas, in modern terms, this rule is often violated. Foods, sweet drinks – not the most useful and healthy food with high caloric content and low nutritional value. In the end, the body puts extra received energy as fat, and people suffering from obesity and all related diseases.

A healthy lifestyle food should be varied, containing a large number of micro - and macroelements.

An important factor when proper nutrition is adherence to the meal. You need to eat a fractional, small portions. Calories considered necessary.

The principles of proper nutrition

1. The number of eaten vegetables and fruit should be not less than 400 grams per day. That equals about five handfuls of an adult. Fruits and vegetables must be fresh, they can be dried, thermally processed or frozen. The main thing is to respect the diversity in their consumption.

2. The day should drink two liters of water. Water use is that it restores the water balance in the body, improves the digestive system. As a result, the skin and hair acquire a healthy look.

3. Try not to eat simple carbohydrates that are contained in large amounts in sweet, baked goods, fast food. Of course, from sweet to refuse is not necessary, as the brain feeds primarily on glucose. You can substitute milk chocolate for bitter, cake with butter cream for a light curd.

4. Make it a rule to start the morning with a plate of porridge, cooked in water. The best grits for Breakfast (oatmeal, rice or buckwheat. You can add a little oil and fruit.

5. Learning to replace high-calorie unhealthy foods to more healthy. For example, fatty pork you can substitute chicken or Turkey.

6. Proper nutrition does not provide frequent consumption of alcohol.

If you follow all the principles of proper nutrition, then soon, you will feel more healthy, light and active.