The popularity of mushroom dishes due to the thrust of the population to natural products. Mushrooms not only contain carcinogens, but derive from the human body harmful substances, prevent cancer, and normalize blood pressure. They are delicious and nutritious.

Grown products to sell yourself or to take to restaurants and supermarkets.

To start the first time this business better in the summer. First collect documents, purchase equipment and decide on all relevant issues.

The business of mushroom cultivation does not require large cash investments. Grow them in the basement, in the cellar, greenhouse. For starters, you can even use your own apartment.

Organizing industrial production, it will be necessary to pay attention to the following issues:

1. The production of mycelium.

2. Preparation of the substrate.

3. Sales.

Manufacture of substrate blocks – the process is complex, and requires a sterile room. With a small production volume of home-cooking substrate blocks unprofitable. But do not skimp on the quality of seed. It is better to get more expensive products, but to earn the respect of clients. Experienced mushroom growers increase profits by reducing fruiting. This reduces costs and cost of sales and increase in several times the profit from the sale of products.

At the initial stage the main task of the entrepreneur is to avoid losses and to establish contacts for the marketing of products. Only having received necessary knowledge and experience, you can think about expanding production. Additional income brings a production of "mushroom stumps". To do this, take hemp, drilled holes in them and plant seeds of mushrooms. Sprouted mushroom mycelium covers the entire stump. Such mushroom the population demand.

Business on the mushrooms is simple, you just have to take this seriously. It is possible to complete the training courses on mushroom cultivation. In Russia there are and associations of entrepreneurs involved in this business. There they communicate and share useful information.

Mushroom cultivation is profitable because of the low competition and a small distribution business. And the demand for products is always there.