Features of mushroom cultivation technology

First, you need to prepare the area to grow mushrooms in the basement of a private house or in the barn. The walls in the room should be treated with a disinfectant solution.

For growing mushrooms you need to prepare a special substrate, which can log sawdust and straw. There are technological features of the preparation of the substrate for different species of fungi. For the cultivation of oyster mushroom substrate should be finely ground and steamed in hot water. Substrate for mushrooms is pasteurized hot nutrient solution to which is added starch, jam or corn flour. In the substrate for the mushrooms add the finished compost.

The substrate stacked layers in polyethylene bags of size 40 by 90 cm. Between the layers is laid mycelium. Every 10-15 cm in the bag make a small hole.
To acquire the mycelium should have a reputable supplier, because the quality of the mycelium depends on the yield.

To grow mushrooms in a closed dark and damp room at a temperature of about 22oC. As soon as the slotted holes will appear in the germination of mushrooms, bags of spawn should be moved to a cooler room. To make the mushrooms grow quickly, it is necessary that the room temperature was around 15 ° C, for 12 hours a day room with a spawn should be illuminated.
For lighting you can use daylight bulbs.

Business organization and sales

At the initial stage to grow mushrooms in the basement of a rural house, in the garage or in the shed. The walls in the room, it is recommended to insulate with polystyrene foam. It is recommended to divide the room into three zones. In the first zone will be implemented by laying the substrate and spawn in packs. In the second zone, the mushrooms will sprout, and the third area is to grow and develop.

To the mushroom business brought a steady income have a large room (about 600 sq. m.), the first step is to treat this case as a source of additional income.

The hardest part is not to grow mushrooms, and sell. To find a permanent buyer for the novice mushroom grower difficult. To sell mushrooms through restaurants and shops, but you need to obtain documents confirming the quality of mushrooms. Therefore, in the first stage, it is best to sell mushrooms through friends and acquaintances. Store mushrooms in the refrigerator up to 7 days.

Mushroom cultivation can be transformed into a waste-free business, the used substrate can be used as an excellent fertilizer for the soil and implement the rural population.