Prepare the soil in the greenhouse for sowing. If you have barren land, then bring part of the soil from the forest and pour it on top of one that is. And also add a little sawdust or last year's leaves. Warm the greenhouse up to 20-22 degrees, and can be a little less. If it is cold, the mushrooms will not sprout.
Buy mycelium (spores). It is sold in specialized stores. If you have not found the seeds of mushrooms, you buy several kilograms fungi. Chop them and cover with water whose temperature is about 35 degrees. Leave for a day, then strain through a colander with large mesh. All disputes, out of which grow the mushrooms will stay in the water.
Pour the mushroom soil "infusion". On top lightly sprinkle the earth. Cover landing cellophane. After 3-4 days, pour the landing. Young mushrooms you will see in about 1-2 weeks. If you purchased the mycelium, then evenly scatter it over the entire surface of the earth. Not to sow too rarely part of the spores will not germinate.
As soon as the mushrooms sprout, begin to water them daily. Try not to fill the soil with water, the root system rots.
Collect mushrooms as their growth. Watch that they do not become overripe. If germination is not very much, and you want to get a larger harvest, leave a few mushrooms that will not be collected. Disputes of them fall into the ground and soon germinate. Usually in the first year the harvest is small, but gradually increasing.
If you have a heated greenhouse, grow mushrooms home in plastic boxes or in the underground. Of course, the harvest will be small, but for cooking it will be enough.
When the mushrooms do not grow, you should look for the cause. It can be as low soil fertility and lack of moisture. Also pay attention to the temperature in the room.