At home you can grow oyster mushrooms, champignons and wood mushrooms. Each species has its own requirements for conditions of detention. For example, the oyster mushrooms, enough for 16 -20 degrees, the mushrooms – not less than 24 and not more than 28 degrees, and shiitake -12 degrees and a specially harvested trees. Yes, and the waiting time of harvest variety: oyster mushrooms and the mushrooms begin to cut 30-40 days, a major collection of woody shiitake is coming until next year and lasts up to three years. Select oyster mushrooms, for which it is easier to ensure growth.

Prepare the room

For the cultivation of oyster mushrooms, you can use any aboveground or underground room. Suitable basement, shed, garage, vegetable storage space where you can create a certain temperature, humidity, illumination and ventilation. Taking into account that one square meter you can get from 10 to 30 kg of mushrooms, determine the size of the room to produce the desired crop. Floor be sure the concrete or brick walls shtukatura and whitewash with lime. After bringing the premises in order to conduct a comprehensive disinfection of all surfaces and equipment.

Prepare a core substrate

Mushroom cultivation is impossible without the nourishing environment of the substrate. It would suit sawdust, sunflower husks, straw of cereals. Crush the raw material, soak in boiling water and boil. Press so that the water slightly pressed out, if you squeeze mass into his fist.

Plant a mycelium

Make evenly cooled to 30 degrees substrate mycelium (mycelium) at the rate of 300-500 g per 10 kg of medium. Fold the wet slices in the bags and tie. Formed mushroom blocks move in a dark room with high humidity. Hang the bags or place them on racks so that they were easy to access.

Create conditions for growth

In the incubation period maintain a temperature of 20-25 degrees and the humidity at 90 – 95 %. For quick germination, and gas exchange follow each mushroom block with two sides of the 10-12 holes.

Care for growing mushrooms

When the bags turn white, lower the temperature to 16-20 degrees. Now you need a small light. If the units are placed in the basement, enough for 20 square meters one light bulb at 100 watts. Moreover, the exposure time is only 8-9 hours a day. Regularly ventilate your plantation fungi actively produce carbon dioxide. If the room is small, it is possible to use natural or compulsory ventilation, appliances or hoods.

Right harvest to the mushroom block was ready for the next fruiting. To do this, after first flush seal holes in the bags and make a new slot near the previous one. Waiting for the harvest, don't let the mushrooms grow - it will only restrain the growth of the next wave of oyster mushrooms, and delicious that they do not become.