Weight loss method using a Golden needle based on the ancient Eastern practice of acupuncture. The candidate of medical Sciences, Dr. Maria Mukhina has compiled and refined proven for centuries the secrets of healing and created a unique comprehensive methodology.

It should be noted that the technique has been patented and approved by the Ministry of health of Russia. It is a safeguard, because in the pursuit of harmony is very important not to hurt yourself. In addition, the method Mukhina tested in several clinical trials that showed its effectiveness in solving the problem of weight reduction and safety.

In fact "Golden needle" is not only the acupuncture method to lose weight. This combination of acupuncture sessions and the principles of healthy eating, but without any exhausting strict diets. At the end of the course patients, a proper eating behavior that allows you to keep a normal weight.

What is the method of Golden needle

So, the method "Golden needle" has its roots in tradition Chinese medicine works through the manipulation of acupuncture points related to internal organs. As you know, a lot of active points (about 200) located in the auricle and around it.

And here it is these biologically active points, responsible for feeding behavior and food center, a needle made of gold 750-th sample. This device is also called a magic earring. Specifically, they appear to be involved point of hunger and thirst point: in one of them the needle is introduced through the other extends outward and is fixed.

The effect lasts for quite a long period – up to six months. Such a prolonged impact on the acupuncture points to achieve a sustainable result and not to expose the body to stress.

Not by chance that a needle that is gold. Besides the fact that this "decoration" is quite aesthetically pleasing look, it also increases the impact because of the qualities of the material itself. According to the theory and practice of acupuncture, due to the conductivity of mild electrical signals noble metal to reduce susceptibility to commands received from the appetite centre. Thus, the patient is much less hungry.

But in addition to auricular therapy that is installing a gold needle in the area of the ear, methods of doctor Mukhina also suggests the use of corporal acupuncture. It is a form of acupuncture, which was developed and introduced herself Maria Mukhina.

It consists in that simultaneously with exposure to the point of hunger and thirst specialists work with the active points around the body of the patient. As a result of this injecting, the skin is noticeably firmer, it comes to tone and prevents its sagging faced by many dieters people. By the way, corporal acupuncture can and should be done as a separate procedure – not for the purpose of weight loss and for General health.

Finally, another component of the method of Golden needle is a balanced diet. We are not talking about some strict diet, just about the rejection of some of the bad foods and the introduction in the diet are useful. Power system, restrictions to carry easily, especially because the appetite is already self-reduced through the impact on the acupuncture points.

The results of applying the method of Golden needle

The use of the methodology Golden needle is not just reduced weight and reduced volume of the body. The method of Dr. Mukhina starts in the body a variety of beneficial processes. Together they lead to the restoration of a proper balance of digestion and assimilation of lipid, the normal production of the necessary enzymes. And this, in turn, generate the correct food behavior.

And, of course, there is a General strengthening, the improvement of the body. Pulls the skin of the body and face, smooth out wrinkles, decrease of edema of the eyelids and double chin, improves mood. Doctors say that patients Maria Mukhina fixed normalization of cardiovascular activity, the improvement of the stomach and intestines, decrease in the number of allergic reactions.

No wonder many famous people – stars of theater, film, singers, politicians – have used unique method and got impressive results. Yevgeniya Dobrovolskaya Irina gribulina, Elena Proklova, Nikolay Lukinsky, Aleksey Shakhmatov, Larisa Luzhin, Svetlana Razina, Tatyana Sudies, Anna Dimova, Irina Muromtseva and other famous people publicly expressed their gratitude to Maria Mukhina. They also noted decreased appetite, improving appearance and well-being, loss extra pounds.

And Yevgeniya Dobrovolskaya and even called the doctor the widow witch. Although it is actually no magic in the method of Golden needle, of course not. The key to success is correctly applied the philosophy of Eastern medicine, which for centuries has fought successfully in many diseases without drugs or surgery, led to the harmony of Yin and Yang energy. Maria Mukhina just creatively reworked these ancient secrets and now helps people to find harmony, without stress, unpleasant procedures.