Sometimes a conflict situation can arise if people are already in front of the quarrel are in a bad mood or in a negative state after the working day, exhausted. Also the reason for its occurrence may be a lack of understanding from the other side.

For example, a wife expects from her husband that he after eating - wash the dishes and tidy up the table, but he does not, a conflict may occur. When busy wife and in good spirits all right, and she'll be able to clean up, but otherwise seems to be a trifle and may have to be a reason or an excuse for a quarrel.

Conflict situations almost always caused emotionally. Sometimes in heavy fighting, which started very small, in the end can be said offensive or unpleasant statements like: "I regret that I met you!", "How did I ever let you become a part of my life?!" Without even noticing, you can Express all the pent and sore for several years. The result is discomfort, spoil both the mood, frayed nerves, and the conclusions, and this is the worst outcome of an argument.

A similar situation can occur for those couples who love each other very much. This kind of argument cause only harm relations, but the results are almost there. From this you can move in different ways: in an hour or in a few weeks. But, unfortunately, the arguments can occur over time. There are certain rules for the information of the quarrels to the minimum damage for both.

1. The quarrel, if any, must have a good reason. In the example you could just reply: "I don't like that you don't wash behind dishes and clean the table".

2. By mutual deviation from the topic of the quarrel is better to stop doing it.

3. To point out the faults just not worth it, for example with the words "Slob, inconsiderate, frivolous," because there is a discussion of the problem, not the person's character.

4. It is worth thinking about, what if for one cleanliness is important, for another it may not be particularly important.

5. Under any circumstances you can not scare short-lived leaving the apartment because anything can cause divorce.