Lapping relations and family creation

The first cohabitation of a man with a woman marked by so-called grinding in the relationship. This allows them to know each other better from different angles. At this time, the couple learn their weaknesses, attitudes, character traits each other. This period lays the Foundation for the development of future relations. When a breaking-in period ends, the couple, or disintegrate, or moves to a new level – becoming a family Union.

Why between spouses there is a misunderstanding?

There are several reasons. One of them – "family patterns" imposed by society. The fact that stereotypes and labels that society indiscriminately hangs on couples, often lead to misunderstanding between husband and wife. After all, the couple begin to subconsciously (or consciously) to follow the same patterns and rules rather than some of his unique ideas and methods for the decision of those or other family conflicts.

Another reason is internal problems of a psychological nature. The fact that the misunderstanding itself is a serious obstacle to understand his wife. Family psychologists believe that this is one of the most important aspects of the problem. In addition, many couples just don't want to listen to themselves and go against each other.
The term "perfect family" does not exist. This is an abstract concept, which means happiness and peace in relationships between spouses, as well as harmony in their personal family life. Each family determines for itself the degree of harmony and happiness.

The cold war

When the couple constantly do not understand each other, they begin to look for people "on the side". This allows them to replenish their psychological and physical "deficit" spiritual and carnal intimacy.

Often this results in misunderstandings, the "cold war". In other words, conflicts can arise that are not solved, but ignored. Resentment between the couple builds up with each passing day, with each new quarrel. As a result, the total final hatred and misunderstanding each other. In the end, the "time bomb" explodes. So far, and to divorce.
The West family psychotherapy is a common practice for many couples who wish to maintain their marriage for years to come. In Russia, the family psychologists are traded very rarely.

What to do?

To address to the family psychologist. Family therapy helps not only the relationship between husband and wife, but can effectively take it to new verbal level, mutual support for each other. The duration of the course family therapy largely depends on the degree of neglect of the problem and ranges from several months to several years.