You never know how things turn out, and in addition to the scheduled events in the summer will definitely be spontaneous, because when you decide on the most enticing adventures in this warm time of the year? Hardly in the middle of the school or work day someone in the head abruptly will the idea to visit a music festival, but during the holiday season, why not?

Music festivals were created primarily for lovers of music and fun. It is clear that the main at this event – musicians, but equally interesting is the atmosphere and people-the audience. Usually there you can find a great number of remarkable personalities, able to present yourself correctly. The event is very unusual, and, unfortunately, no clear rules of the dress code is not here, so I have to think of the image independently.

Fortunately, in Russia the summer festivals are held from may to August. It's good because the biggest music festival in California "Coachella" is much earlier, and can spy ready Luke celebrities, to take something as a basis and Shine, I will not put a large amount of efforts. As expected, the event always come entirely dressed in trends.

Analysis of all fashionable bows allows you to understand that to come to along to a music festival is with humor. Choose all the most unusual tiara, hairstyles reminiscent of anime characters, or "horns". Supplemented with weird hairstyles it is earth trends, such as tops underwear style, off the shoulder, cropped shorts, torn denim, and just conquer the others.

This bow definitely will not go unnoticed. Those who wish to go for a more non-standard scheme, you can use lace in the most interesting interpretations, or fully transparent things. Under the transparent stuff it is better to wear a swimsuit, but they will not impress anyone today, but translucent underwear many moral critics plunges into a state of shock.

So in any, even the most unprepared wardrobe will surely find something that is perfect for any music festival. Most importantly, look for interesting combinations, and then the outfit will work.