As the story goes, the dude is an intense makeup, colorful Quinceanera dresses, colorful jewelry. Using this knowledge, you can collect interesting and memorable way.
Pick up lush dress, just below the knee. It can be floral, large polka dots, multi-colored strip or one color, but bright juicy colors. To add volume to the skirt, use a petticoat. It's easy to make a tulle manually. The top of the dress or blouse should be narrow, tight, all forms of girls.
Required attribute attire – elegant strap with sparkling buckle. Better, if it is wide, painted, different color of the whole suit.
If the dress is plain, you can wear long gloves. This detail will give your festive toilet finished spicy look. Over gloves wear large rings and bracelets.
Please pay special attention to the selection of jewelry. Do not have to match them in texture, color or shape. Earrings of enormous size, includes clips, numerous bracelets, rings, ordinary jewelry made from plastic or other simple materials. Such cheap baubles you will easily find in any stall.
Shoes or sandals must also follow a specified style. Bright, with a bow on the spout or interesting trim shoes low heel will be quite nice. If you do not find the appropriate heels, replace them with patent ballet flats-boats.
Makeup should make catchy but not vulgar. The focus is on eyes and lips. Use juicy lipstick, eye shadow saturated colors and sure to draw a bold arrow. So your look will be playful, sophisticated and very expressive.
Hair you can comb and gather into a high ponytail, adorning the head with a bright bow or headband. The curls will also work to create a "modern image". They can pick up a colored ribbon, wide elastic band-rim, or just to stab a massive hairpin. If you have imagination, try to come up with complex intricate hairstyle, for example, twisting nalakirovannye hair in a large shell adorned with flowers.
Guy going to a theme party, be sure motley colorful thin tie. If you do not find the jacket with fun colors or shirt in the box, suitable clothing less bright tones, however, the outfit would have to be supplemented with colorful accessories. It can be baby suspenders, a scarf tied at the neck, dark sunglasses and a stylish hairstyle with slicked up hair.
As a "modern" shoes can be pointy boots, colored loafers, shoes with interesting ornament.