You will need
  • Organizational skills, a team of associates.
Define the goals and objectives of the festival. The goal is a global achievement for which the event is held.
Objectives – specific achievements of the event. The definition of the goals and objectives of the festival is a key issue. Indeed, in preparation for the event, all actions should refer to the compliance with the goals and objectives of the festival.
Make a list of the festival organizers. Think about whether you will be able to independently organize the festival , or you need assistance (resource, financial, creative). In addition, the list of organizers of the festival will show the status of your event.
Assemble organizing Committee of the festival. The organizing Committee provides General guidance, it is composed of representatives of the organizers of the festival.The organizing Committee is preparing, advertising and conducting of festival, determines the budget, control over it. It was on the organizing Committee rests the whole work on the organization of the festival: meeting/settlement/registration of participants and judges, scheduling the conduct of rehearsals and performances of groups, General and technical coordination of activities, organization of security and maintaining order at the venues of the festival.
Determine who and on what conditions it will participate in the festival:
• organizations/individuals/ensembles;
• gender and age of participants;
• geography of the festival participants;
• registration fee/no registration fee.
The jury is an important aspect of any competitive event. Here the principle is very simple: the more famous the name of the jury member, the better. But remember, a jury member must be competent in the particular area where the festival.
Decide on the rules of the festival. The beginning and the deadline for applications (application form and place of filing).
How many steps or rounds of the festival (external packing, internal packing, final). The timing of the phases/rounds of the festival. Date, place, time of the qualifying rounds and the finals (opening, closing, awarding of the participants of the festival. The list of events that will take place during the finale of the festival, the place and time of the event (round tables, master classes, cultural program, etc.).
Gala concert and rewarding of winners of festival.
Take care of awarding the winners of the festival. This part of the festival should be spectacular and memorable (don't skimp on the Director of the festival), with valuable prizes to the worthy winners.
Before starting to search for Finance for the festival, you need to make a detailed estimate. It should consider everything from pens to members of the jury and badges for the participants to rent the venue of the finale of the festival and prizes to the winners:
•The registration fee for the participants of the festival (size, form of payment, categories of participants, with the possibility of exemption from payment of contributions).
•Grants to various institutions (ministries of the Russian Federation, Governments of regions and cities, businesses).
•The organizers of the festival.
•Attracted sponsorship contributions of public and private enterprises and organizations, private and other entities. (sponsored decorates any event, confirming the fact of public interest in the theme of the festival. Make options of sponsorship packages.)
•Finances from the sale of tickets for the festival events.
Information support of the festival by the mass media (Newspapers, magazines, radio, television, agencies involved in outdoor advertising, publishing houses, etc.) regarded as financial support. For them too it is necessary to compile a sponsorship package. What media will help to announce the festivalwill tell about the events of the festival will acquaint the public with the heroes of the festival (participants, organizers, jury).
If you could answer all the questions, it's time to begin the organization of the festival. But remember, the festival is a huge event. For its organization and holding, you will need a team of like-minded, hard work, a lot of patience and optimism.