In the summer you need lighter, fresh scents. And in a strong heat it is better to refrain from perfume.

Delicate fruity, floral scents in summer only accentuate the natural freshness, aroma of leather. But what if the delicate fruity-floral mix do not like, and want to continue to enjoy the tart, spicy perfume.

It would be desirable to use a light version, perfume in the summer put away. Indeed, in spirits very high concentration of essences. Summer is enough toilet water, ideally, does not contain alcohol. Because the alcohol on a hot day can greatly distort the odor to make it unpleasant. And in the heat can be limited to one-on deodorant, the benefit is you can choose the flavor of the soul in accordance with the range of flavors.

Do not use perfume on the beach, the heat, the beach and the sun will distort the flavor.

The aroma should be to place depending on the season, but also conform to different situations, events and even time of day. So, in the appropriate office of the lightest barely noticeable aromas. Mild tonic scent will set up a working mood, to Dating approach more sensual, stimulating. To meet friends a fresh light, with notes of citrus, freshness.

In the evening you can add berries, wine, slightly spicy notes. Evening perfume is a must.

If there's a particularly favorite perfume, you can lightly apply it on the wrist quite a bit favorite scent will lift your spirits, give confidence in difficult situations.

Cause the aroma in the morning after a shower. Applied on temples, on the back of the neck under the hair, to the middle of the neck. Enough to put in the morning, add during the day is usually not required, but if the smell quickly fizzles out can be applied again.

If you wear your wristwatch or bracelets, then the wrist will not touch, because the sweat will distort the flavor.

Usually the smell on paper strips slightly different from how it will unfold on the skin. The features of the skin at all different, differently given the aroma, even depending on the rhythm, pace of life, in the air or in the room, the smell may be distorted.

Apply any fragrance on your wrist and wait a day, if you are satisfied, then the perfume can easily buy. In General, is more likely to try new flavors, experiment.