General rules

The choice of perfume, regardless of the time of year should be based on personal preferences, on the properties of the skin to absorb or, conversely, to reveal the aroma. In the summer, to pick up the fragrance composition is worth considering a number of factors: a situation in which the spirits must be "sound", people that will surround, and time of day when you plan to wear the scent.

It is worth remembering that in the heat of summer skin heats up the perfume faster, it evaporates faster than alcohol and some oil components, and therefore, the composition may be distorted. In addition, the sun, the alcohol reacts with ultraviolet light, causes active secretion of pigment, which can cause burns and dark spots. So the best way in the warm time of the year will be to use toilet water (not perfume!) with low alcohol content or a body lotion with a favorite scent.

If the preference for a more intense perfume, it is better to choose a treasured bottle light shades: they often contain a refreshing, subtly sounding notes of ozone, sea breeze. Will be successful in the composition of mint, tangerine or rose.

Summer perfume does not have to be loopback. Also pay attention to the time of disclosure of fragrance on the skin. If the end touch is not felt even after 3 hours after application, then most likely, this stuff is better suited for spring. Because in the summer some of the flavor will have time to evaporate part of it to penetrate deeply into the skin to blend in with the surrounding smells and distorted beyond recognition.

In addition, it is important that the daily toilet water was bracing (e.g. with notes of freesia, citrus and lilies). But summer spirits for the evening can be with a light spiciness or bitterness of the southern night, a little more sweet but not cloying, not suffocating.

"Musical notation"

Win-win summer perfume will be the same in the composition of which includes vanilla, pepper or fruit. The smell will give extra warmth to the flavor and make it more interesting than a simple refreshing water. If the composition of the fragrance included lime, bergamot, lavender or Lily of the valley, it is more likely to be similar to something in the style of "unisex", but this does not become less charming and perfect for the first half of the summer day.

Summer evening in the company of friends, you can afford a combination of rose, Jasmine, Apple. On dark-haired girls can sound extravagant aroma with mango. These will be treated safely and seductive.

Only women whose skin quickly absorbs the aroma, it is permissible on a summer evening for a romantic meeting to choose an Oriental fragrance. Better if in addition to the traditional spices (cloves, cinnamon, cardamom) and rich patchouli (or iris) it will contain relieving, refreshing floral or citrus blotches.

It is important to remember that summer flavor is changeable and should be in harmony not only with its bearer, but not to annoy others.