What are the aromatic flavors

Life aromatic fragrance gave the perfume Fougère Royale, released in 1882, a French brand of Houbigant. Fougère translated into Russian language means "fern". In fact, the perfume fougere type does not smell like a fern, it is rather a fresh woody-herbal smell.

The aromas belonging to this group, reminiscent of the fresh smells of morning meadows covered with dew, the air during a summer storm, or the aromas of a forest after rain.

A classic fougere fragrance - a top note of lavender, base notes are coumarin and oakmoss. Coumarin has an odor of new-mown hay and makes the perfume composition bitter-sweet note.
Most often, the coumarin is extracted from Tonka beans (the fruit of the trees of the genus dipteryx). In addition, coumarin is contained in the clover, gerbera, Daisy, yarrow, sweet grass.

Also, the aromatic spirits may enter a variety of citrus, green, herbal, floral and animalistic notes. Depending on which components dominate the aromas of this group, aromatic scents are divided into aromatic green, aromatic fruity, aromatic water, aromatic and spicy smells.

Popular aromatic fragrances

Chanel Allure Homme is one of the classic men's fragrance, belonging to the family of fougere aromas. It was created by the famous perfumer Jacques Polge in 1999. The fragrance is presented in four "faces": spicy, woody, fresh and aromatic. Allure Homme begins with light notes of citrus and goes to warm the "heart" of spices and wood. Fans of this perfume are men of different ages, from young boys to elderly gentlemen.

Despite the fact that most aromatic scents designed for a strong half of mankind, women too can enjoy the rare aromatic perfume. Women's aromatic composition Elixir des Merveilles from Hermes impresses with its sweet, resinous sound. The main components of the fragrance are Tonka beans absolute, Siam resin, patchouli, Peruvian balsam, oak moss and incense. A light sweetness of vanilla bring sugar and caramel. Noticeable orange note complements the overall bouquet.
CK Be - the first unisex fragrance with the note "wine glass" by Calvin Klein. This is a subtle sensual fragrance, top notes are bergamot, Mandarin, juniper berries, mint, Magnolia, sandalwood, peach and Tonka beans absolute.

Use aromatic scents better in the summer, and they are suitable for any time of day. For women this perfume reveals quite a bold and juicy, especially in cases where he is originally male odor.