When choosing a perfume you need to focus on many factors: dress style, hair style, season and even mood. For example, in winter you should use a strong perfume in summer is weaker. Because the sweat only exacerbates the smell of perfume, and in the summer is usually hot.

The spirits must blend in with Your style. Agree, a tender young girl with long curly hair is unlikely to fit the sharp scent of perfume, and Recherche – floral fragrances.

Sometimes it really is worth to choose a perfume for your mood. Today your soul is warm and clear? Use a gentle slightly sweet perfume. In a bad mood? Your choice – resistant slightly sharp flavor. It is therefore necessary to have in the Arsenal of a few spirits, and not to use the same all year round.

In the selection of spirits is not worth to follow fashion or to rely on expensive brands. Of course, buying a cheap perfume is not worth it, because it can be a fake or simply low quality products. But the main guideline in the choice of perfume should remain Your taste and Your preferences.

Country of origin, in principle, too much importance has not. Although, of course, most spirits produces France, but there are also high-quality spirits from America, England, Germany, Japan, Italy and even from Russia.

Choose perfume to Your taste. Because they complete your look and give You even more beauty and expressiveness.