The most favorite outfits of all times was jeans. Wear them long and lovingly. Those are the things that are super-charged our spirits that we love and often wear.

Fashion is divided into women, men and children. Depending on our place of stay to office, sports, walking.

Depending on the time of year is divided into warm and light things. In short, the concept is concise and includes many facets.

Colors in daily fashion

It is worth considering the time of year when it is winter-autumn, then the more relevant black, grey and blue. This constant classic. In addition, this includes more "tasty" colors that warm not only the body but also the soul - chocolate, caramel and Burgundy. As the onset of heat you can add to your wardrobe things more pastel shades. White color is the favorite at all times, simple, but at the same time beautiful. It is as good in combination and by itself. Bright colors are perfect for a walk, a very trendy colour this season's colour of the aubergine and red wine.

Dresses and tunics women's favorite piece of clothing. All the ladies always look forward to the replenishment of seasonal collections. As for summer, here in the first place all kinds of sundresses. Light, comfortable clothes made of natural fabrics. Undeniable hits - styles without a top that will draw attention to your desired part of the body. Fashion asymmetry, so the winner of beautiful legs can draw the eye of men on the lower part of the dress. Very fashionable print 2016 - strip, a variety of geometry, cage, diamond, zigzag.

Skirts, leggings, shorts

Skirts are a little different from dresses style. The main popular styles are skirts more boxy, romantic and fluid. For walking the most comfortable thing – pants in casual fashion full of colors. Leggings can be worn in addition to shirts. Outerwear can choose absolutely any, the main thing that all was harmonious and compatible. Play with the accents, but do not overload yourself with details.

Don't be afraid to come up with something, but don't forget about the sense of measure and taste. Each of us is an artist at heart.