Probably the main part of the image of every woman is the hair. They are different, as long, almost to the waist, and cut short or recoloured. The color and shade you need to choose so that it does not spoil the whole generated image.

As you know, the eyes are the mirror of the soul. After all, when a conversation with someone they are attracted to their glow. To make them attractive bright blue or, on the contrary, the sensual brown, you just need to wear the lenses desired color, and then the result will exceed all expectations.

With regard to the figures, it is also an important element of the image. Make it a rule at least three times a week to a fitness club. So you instantly liquidate every new inches immediately after their appearance. Drink more fresh juices, water, replace tea and coffee, give up junk food and preferably up bad habits.

Agree, beautiful when a woman, despite all everyday problems glows and shines. For this effect you want to apply a little makeup. Accentuate the eyelashes with black ink, but before that, decide the color of shadows. It is best to choose shining or matte. Don't forget about the eyeliner. To put it in the lower and upper eyelid, then the look will turn out very tender and deep. At the end of the shape of treat yourself to your favorite gloss or a nice lipstick.

We should not forget about the style of clothing. Going to the store, do not buy a lot of cheap stuff, better to buy some expensive, but very well accentuate your figure. Always choose what suits you. Enough to wear a revealing dress, showing legs, with heels of medium height and complement the look with interesting accessories, and then you will get a sophisticated look.