Stress is defined by scientists as the pressure, tension, physical or moral. It is not surprising that students are exposed to it the most. New environment, new people, change of material, fast paced learning and a large amount of information, all of this is a cause of stress.

Student life just boils new developments. Each day the student is just a flurry of events that it needs to resolve. Stress affects performance, health and well-being of the whole person. He is deteriorating sleep, lost interest in life and moreover, the student can completely withdraw into yourself and lock yourself from the outside world.

A student experiencing stress, not able to focus on their studies, which creates additional problems, which only exacerbate the morale and pull the bottom. All of this is a vicious circle. Student spinning in this circle in a rut, not knowing how to get out of it.

But the way out of the problem is. In order to avoid this status, students must learn to make a plan of action so as to be able to relax, to smooth out conflicts and to monitor what is happening. The learner should thoroughly study and paint from your daily routine to paint all literally by the hour.

Many psychologists believe that laughter is one of the best remedies against stress. After the laughter muscles of the human body relax, and the heartbeat leveled. In life it is worth to notice more good, fun and good events. Each person has his own understanding of these things. Someone who likes to spend time with loved ones and family, and someone on the contrary likes to be alone, for example, fishing, being at a quiet deserted lake.

You should be able to find the funny where there was initially something negative, serious, depressing. And, of course, you need to spend time among friends or simply pleasant people. To visit cinemas, theatres and other entertainment enterprises.