Life in big cities, often lead people from emotional and physical balance. This is due to the burden of unresolved problems, crushing and dipping almost in despair because accumulate and overload at work and home petty quarrels, even just seat at home with a baby in four walls without adequate rest ultimately leads to various mental disorders, however, such a development can be prevented, most importantly, to learn to deal with stress.

Most of the people seeing the ads on TV regular tablets, relieves symptoms of anxiety and nervous tension simply don't understand that stress is not colds, and internal breakdown of the body, there is no universal drug, completely removing the symptoms.

In the first place to solve this problem, you must identify and understand the cause of the disorder, to restore a complete picture of the chain of events, which appeared the stress. To cope with the situation will help the psychologist. The specialist will advise you on how to minimize or resolve problems, suggest and explain how you need to relax and restore your tranquility and balance.

One of the main advice of experts, is a regular holiday, you need to select the location to which the person is comfortable and relaxed, it is advisable to visit such a "Paradise" every day.

Most mental disorders can be prevented, without waiting for a stressful situation. Need, for example, go through replacement therapy and briefly to change occupation or just do an unusual thing. The librarian to jump with a parachute, thus simulating a stressful situation, but quite another question, not related to daily routine experiences and challenges. The body will be subject to intensive work of all bodies, that, in fact, called stressosomes.