The educational process should be built so that the requirements do not contradict each other and that the parents adhered to the same line of conduct.

Consistency - the key to success

We can not allow mom was a strict teacher, and dad is a good - natured companion. The child should not blindly obey adults, and why any ban needs to be explained. Needs to be a clear border between "impossible" and "possible." It is advisable to avoid any permanent restrictions as the restrictions for any reason will negatively affect the child's behavior.

A steady daily routine

Children who are accustomed to a certain mode, acting much calmer. The baby needs to get used to a certain sequence of activities: for example, Breakfast-walk-sleep. Noncompliance with the regime leads to unnecessary whims, tangled schedule of sleep, which ultimately has a negative impact on the parents themselves. Changes in the daily routine need to make gradually and as unobtrusively as possible.

Obedience without quarrels

The educational process is not military service, and the child is not subordinate to their parents, so strict reprimands and unquestioning orders will not create a trusting and warm relationship with the child.

However, to achieve obedience is still necessary. To do this, from a very young age the child understood the meaning of the word "must". He should treat this not as a whim of adults or threat. It's just the need to avoid which does not.

Orders that are received by the baby, should be understandable and not too complicated. If he is to understand that this is a job for him, no one will fulfill and no one is forgotten, then the probability of execution increases significantly. And, of course, do not forget the praise is the best motivation.