Women and men are different hormones. The main male hormone - testosterone female - estrogen. And if the first is synthesized in males at puberty and continues to be synthesized life, the second is cyclical and its development is associated with the female monthly cycle. In the first stage of the cycle is a peak secretion in the second stage of concentration is normalized, and in the third stage of its quantity begins to get. This explains the unstable emotional background of the individuals of the weaker sex. However, with the onset of menopause in women, the situation is changing.

This exalting nature, male over female due to the need of women to disconnect from everyday routine tasks and to take in a family and raising children.

So, all of this suggests that men are smarter than women. But such a conclusion should not force ladies to despair. The women also have their advantages! From an early age boys are formed first, visual centers, and only then auditory. Women have the opposite story. Girls, even sometimes without understanding the meaning of words, able to discern the voice intonation. That's what makes the mothers more sensitive and attentive to the human experience.

The same applies to the relationship between men and women for romance and sex. The main catalyst again are the hormones. If it varies even the dynamics of the synthesis of hormones. The process of growing concentration of the hormones responsible for sexual arousal in women smooth, measured. Men also tend sharp spikes and a sharp decline. While hormones such as prolactin (stimulates lactation and the secretion of milk, fills one with tenderness, awe and the desire to hug) and vasopressin (stimulates the uterus) of both sexes. However, if the women they perform their direct function, in men, they are emitted directly into the area of the brain. A rush of "strange" hormones just blasts him in the head and knocks him out. Exhaling, "that was cool" it off, beginning to snore sweetly.

So do not be offended by the callousness of this guy." Against nature, as they say, no arguing.

We are different, and to be more understanding need to constantly be aware of this.