The formation of the immune system begins in the womb, on the second month of fetal life human, and fully completed only 15-16 years. From the first days of pregnancy you are responsible not only for themselves but also for the unborn child. During this period, the fetus is the formation of organs of the immune system. For example, the Central body is the thymus [1], which is responsible for maturation of T-lymphocytes governing antibody production and other processes of the immune response. It happens that in children up to 3 years, often ill ARI and ARI, it is increasing – during the examination of these children reveals decreased production of antibodies, the immune reactions proceed correctly. The reasons for the development of the immature immune system of the child must be sought primarily in the prenatal period of his life: it is influenced unfavorably progressing pregnancy, prematurity, severe infections, and genetic predisposition.[2]

Until the baby is born, its development and health depend entirely on your lifestyle and diet. Especially careful to monitor themselves in the first months of pregnancy, when the immune system is formed and all the vital organs of the baby. Improper nutrition, viruses and infections in the expectant mother during this period may adversely affect the formation of the immune system and its future work. Of particular danger are normal, it would seem, SARS and influenza. Viral diseases in pregnancy leave an imprint on the child's health after birth[3]. These are the children of the future often and hurt for a long time: at the slightest cold or draught, and the usual ice cream carries the risk of developing angina.

If you think that the importance of proper nutrition during pregnancy unfairly exaggerated, you're wrong. From the diet of the expectant mother depends on the health of the child, and his body mass at birth.[4] the Latter can threaten the baby's risk of various diseases and complications, which, in turn, can affect the immune system of the child. When there is insufficient or wrong diet, a woman may face a shortage of essential vitamins. For example, a deficiency of protein, folic acid and other essential micronutrients are a common cause of complications during pregnancy[5]. If you want to protect their unborn child from the possible consequences of hypovitaminosis, should have a few months before the pregnancy start taking vitamins. Elevit pronatal contains a balanced formula of 12 vitamins and 7 minerals, which helps the proper development of the fetus and the normal course of pregnancy, and also helps to fill the daily requirement of vitamins and minerals in the planning period, pregnancy and lactation.

What the immune system of an adult, is influenced by many factors: the disease, lifestyle and nutrition, genetic predisposition. But first, the most crucial years of a child's life depend, in the first place, well if his parents took care of their health, planning a pregnancy. Our best bit to help nature and create conditions for the formation of a strong immune system of the baby.







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