You will need
  • Training course, dictionary, Internet, computer, pen and paper.
To successfully mastering any language you must have a strong motivation. Without it, as a rule to learn the language. She also plays a big role, if there is a choice of what language to teach in a given time. Therefore, always select one that is needed right now.
To learn it quickly, we must once and for all get rid of beliefs that an adult can not do it. Very often it is improper installation negates all the efforts of his master. If you are constantly thinking that it is too difficult and impossible, then so be it.
It is also important to choose a course that will be fun and not cause severe problems. Focus on what kind of memory you have developed best is: written, visual, auditory or speech. The best option will be the involvement of all kinds. To learn a foreign language using the Internet, tutorials, courses or TV programs.
Starting the study, do not try to do a few hours a day. The desired result in the development of language can be achieved only through regularity, not due to the amount of time spent. Even repeating a day studied the material within 10 minutes, you will reach more than 2-hour classes 3 times a week.
In order to learn a foreign language is very important to take in the culture of the country where it is spoken. Think about the images and associations that arise at the mention of the foreign language you want to know. This will help to immediately think about all the structures underlying the language, and you managed to learn by this time. In the future, this will enable you to immediately readjust to communicate on it.
Examining the major structures underlying the foreign language, learn to add it's not just new words, but the whole momentum. Small children exactly teach the native language, trying to repeat not only hear the word, but whole phrase.
To quickly memorize foreign words, get to know the history of their origin. For example, days of the week in English are associated with the names of the gods. Saturday is day of Saturn – Saturday, Sunday – sun day – Sunday, Monday – the moon's day – Monday, Friday – day of the goddess Freya – Friday, the definite article "the" is a shortened form of the pronoun "this" is why he is used, when the subject spoken of, known, and the indefinite article "a" is the shortened form of the word Odin "one", and refers to just one object. In any language there are different stories associated with the occurrence of words. The more you know such interesting stories about a foreign language, the faster you get used to the rules of construction in this phrases and unfamiliar words.
Watch movies in the language learning. Today is a snap with the help of Internet and purchase the license discs to find a foreign movie in the original language. Choose movies that you like and not bother to watch several times. See the film first in Russian and then in the original language, to make it easier to understand and remember what they say. With subtitles movies do not look better, as they distract attention from the speech, what prevents to achieve the desired learning effect.