How to learn languages, to make it interesting and exciting?

1. Start watching your favorite movies or TV shows in the language you plan to study with Russian subtitles. Thus, you will perceive the correct pronunciation, which will help with further training.

2. Find a tutor who will be able to answer your requirements. In advance explain to your teacher that you are going to learn the language as efficiently as possible and time to learn the alphabet within a month you do not.

3. Online courses and video tutorials. Thanks to the Internet you can find thousands of free language lessons with a different duration, presentation of information, teachers and education system.

4. Meet a native speaker. Start a conversation on social networks and in the future start to talk on Skype (video calls), is one of the best methods of practice.

5. Listen to music in the target language, read texts, take tests on the level of knowledge and training.

6. Make your learning systematic and regular. It's better to spend 10-20 minutes a day for several months, rather than 1 hour per month.

7. Stop self-doubt and start to act!

The above tips about how effective and interesting learning of foreign languages. Improve, achieve their goals and be happy!