Currently this style is experiencing the peak of popularity. And it concerns not only clothes, but also the interior spaces, and even furniture design. Recently, very fashionable and popular for parties and wedding celebrations in the style. It is believed that it brings a special chic and style to any event.

So what is this infamous boho-chic? This turbulent mixing of different ethnic areas, hippies, and even sometimes with certain accents of Gothic and rock. The main feature of this style is the Union of incompatible things. For example, a rough army boots and delicate lace dresses, chiffon and thick skin is a combination of different fabrics and prints.

This style combines lace and fur, and leather, and silk, and velvet and sequins and large stones in one ensemble. And the secret is that all the clothes created in the image seemed cozy, modern technology and nature in one ensemble.

The boho-chic best suited the girl is very thin, with a hint of romance and tenderness in appearance. Because that's the sort of girl a combination of rough boots and lace dresses, or sandals of thick leather with a dense weave coupled with a long chiffon, almost transparent skirt seems especially attractive and unusual.

There is only one rule in the style of boho-chic, no high heels and ultra short skirts, especially vehemently accented by sexy in the way only contradicts the basic principle of this style.

We also should not forget about the accessories in boho-chic: various bandages on his head (hippie style), bags with fringe, glasses of unusual materials (wood, glass), massive decorations of large stones and aged metal, turbans and, of course, braided hats. One of the most important accessories in this style is, of course, voluminous scarf of light material with a variegated fine pattern or a dense multi-stage solid scarf.

The style boho chic is gaining momentum and is becoming every day more and more popular not only among stars and Bohemian personalities but also among ordinary girls.