The advantage of this design is that it does not oblige owners and guests literally to anything. This style resembles a mix of ethnic and hippie era, this identity, freedom and romance. Using this style for your home, the easiest way to Express their individuality, to create comfort without compromising its creative individuality.

What is characteristic of boho style?

1. Bright and different materials and colors. This style is impossible to formulate an unambiguous clear rules. It is impossible to write a list of criteria by which to judge whether or not to decorate my room with certain fabrics or furniture. Of course, boho, mainly bright colors and diverse textures, but the tension, uncomfortable with the decoration of the room should not arise.

2.Naturalness. Choose natural colors even the brightest of colors, natural materials for all items, if possible.

3. Everything is so different! When furnishing the room you can even emphasize that the furniture and fabrics are different. "Promiscuity" is a virtue, so do not hesitate to go to the thrift store and buy a chair, which is 30-50 years, for example.

4. Textiles and trinkets. May be even a redundancy of bright textiles in the room make it properly decorated in the style of boho. Similarly, with trinkets, but not electronic, and made of natural materials, original textures.

5. Handmade. Knitted blankets, pillows in the technique of patchwork, mats, braided with his own hands. All this will give the room more personality, as you want! By the way, doesn't always have to be complicated in execution. For example, a bright rug or blanket can be linked very simply, literally from the remnants of thread.