Method a healthy diet needs to follow a few simple rules to the menu was included and the fruits and vegetables for each meal.

Choose foods that prolong life

The word diet comes from the Greek word meaning "lifestyle". But most people equate diet to hardship. They believe they have to deny yourself. If you follow the principles of healthy diet does not have to constantly think about rejected or denied products. You need to think about the products life-extending and transmitting body and brain health.

Know the benefits of food eaten

You need to know and understand the impact of certain foods on the body. For example, knowing that walnuts feed the human brain with vitamin B12, which is useful in the prevention of Alzheimer's disease. Or the fact that Kale is a vegetable with lots of nutrients improves vision and may prevent the development of cancer. Or that 2 tablespoons of coconut oil can help get rid of belly fat.

You need to start cooking at home

Cooking at home is very important in a healthy lifestyle. When I developed the habit of buying ready meals, it never fully know its composition. If you made one change in lifestyle, it is necessary to do everything possible to start eating natural, cooked their own food. Of course, the truth is that everyone is busy, but you can try to cook several dishes and freeze them, then heat at the right time. We need to forget about diets with low fat or sugar and fast food, which has a lot of sugar and additives completely unnecessary in the diet. No matter how appealing the dish will look like, because restaurants use all sorts of tricks to make food healthy and attractive appearance, you need to remember that excess fat and sugar is bad for man.

Move as much as possible

Movement is essential for good health and graceful long aging. You need to exercise and lose weight. You want to keep the balance between weight, nutrition and physical activity.