• 1 medium watermelon
  • 300 g of grapes
  • 2 apples
  • Big pineapple – 1 PC.
  • Kiwi – 2 PCs.
  • You can add optional any fruit


  1. Wash the fruit, wipe dry with a towel
  2. Let's start creating the first "cake". Place the watermelon on a cutting Board, evenly cut off the top and bottom. Then put the watermelon vertically, and begin to carefully cut the skin so that you make a cylinder. When the watermelon is cleared, horizontally divide it in half. Get two Korzh. Put one cake layer on a plate is the basis of our cake.
  3. The next layer will be pineapple. Remove the top and bottom of the pineapple. Place the pineapple vertically, cut away the peel, giving the edges a rounded shape. When the fruit is peeled, cut the resulting cylinder in half. Put one cake layer pineapple on top of watermelon.
  4. Take the remaining watermelon cake, cut the sides to reduce its volume, and place on top of pineapple.
  5. Cut the kiwi in layers, spreading the layers in a circle, garnish the top of the watermelon layer. Apple cut into slices, to decorate cakes on the side. Add in the decoration of the halves of grapes, placing them between the apples.

Fruits used to decorate the cake, you can secure with toothpicks. Decorate the cake can be any fruit or berries to your taste. Cakes can also be varied – in addition to watermelon and pineapple, you can take the melon, removing the core. The number of layers can be unlimited, as decoration. It all depends on your imagination and preferences.