For fruit cake you will need: a bag of gelatin (there is usually about 25 g of gelatin), peristrema a pack of sour cream, 1 Cup sugar, fruits or berries (fresh or preserved, such as fresh strawberries, kiwi, canned peaches, and so on), the finished cake (you can find different options, but most often it is ordinary sponge cake long-term storage, in a package which is two layers).

Preparation of fruit cake:

1. Pour the gelatin to swell (if the first time confronted with such operation, carefully read the instructions on the packaging).

2. Fruit or berries should be thoroughly washed and cut into medium-sized pieces.

3. Sour cream mix with sugar, a little beat with a mixer.

4. The swollen gelatin heat, pour in the cream, stir well.

5. In a deep pot or bowl put berries or fruits, pour part of the cream with gelatin. Put the cake (the whole layer, pieces). Then a little sour cream and fruit (berries) from the biscuit.

Useful tip: because of the nature of the preparation of the cake pick up the size bowl in which you will collect to fill the size of the available cake.

6. Put the cake in the refrigerator before full hardening of the gelatin (at least 3-4 hours, but often need more time).

Useful tip: so the cake was carefully remove from the bowl, pre-put the bowl with cling film.

By the way, if you choose sour cream small fat, you get quite a low-calorie dessert.