At this age, children give life to their parents. Teenagers, especially girls, begin to discuss the behavior, the external image of their teachers, aunts and parents.

Mutual understanding is very important in a relationship with his child. In any case it is impossible to stay mad at her baby. You cannot try to fulfill all the desires of the child, but at the same time, it is impossible to put pressure on his request. The more you push and "jammed" wishes of the child, the more they appear. If a parent does not want to fulfill the wish of a child, be sure to tell him why. Children should always feel parental love.

Children appreciate the intelligence, ability and skills of their parents. Dad can easily repair broken things, playing sports, and my mom knows how to cook, stylishly dressed, talks about the interesting things that happen in life. These examples have a very positive impact on children, especially girls.

Parents must first take care of physiological and spiritual health of their child. This factor plays a special role in the life of a teenager. Need to teach him basic knowledge about the body, how to exercise, to instill a love of sports, to help to navigate in this area. Most importantly, the child realized that a healthy person, who is filled with physical and spiritual energy to be happy.

Pay attention to how much time you can devote to your child. Polls have found that most of the adult gives his children only 1.5 hours in 7 days. You need to think about as passionate about your child during free time.

Most try to walk with the children in campaigns, events, theater, movies. The more pleasant experiences - the better for the child.

Don't read preachy lectures, still they will not listen to anybody. Teenagers will be interested in.