First and foremost, you need to be examined by a physicians and find out whether cause weight gain any disease. Often under the guise chubby cheeks can hide terrible endocrinological disease, which the parents may not even suspect. Therefore, the examination is necessary. If confirmed, the disease, doctors prescribe a treatment.

In treatment except medications must include a diet. Also diet, if the child has not gained weight from illness. Full children can not consume sauces industrial production (mayonnaise and ketchup), fatty pates and sausages, baking, semolina, pasta, sweet sandwich spread, crisps, fizzy drinks and sweets. On the diet parents should also refrain from such food and not even buy it, to avoid distractions for the child and to support him in the quest for proper nutrition.

The use of salt is also necessary to reduce. In addition, the need to rethink the conventional ways of cooking, refusing frying. The food is better to eat boiled, baked and steamed.

You need to think ahead for baby snacks and stock up on fresh vegetables and fruits, so they're always ready. The use of these products in between meals does not hurt, but only benefit and saturate the body with vitamins and minerals. Breads and low-fat kefir or yogurt is also good to eat.

Eat the baby will need diet and better small portions, fractional, up to 5 times a day. This is necessary to prevent overeating, and stimulate the metabolism and well-coordinated work of the digestive system.

Fruits, berries and vegetables should occupy an important place in the menu. It is also necessary to include in the diet a sufficient amount of indigestible fiber. It contain bran, whole grain products, greens, vegetables and crude fruit. Fiber fills up the stomach and purifies the digestive tract naturally. You can additionally buy pharmacy fiber and bran to enter into the food according to instructions.

To combat obesity regular physical activity, ideally they should be everyday. It is useful to enroll a child in sports and clubs. Plus need Hiking, Jogging, Cycling. A great option is swimming, if the baby have no contraindications for health. Good idea to get a dog to her child he was walking.

The main thing you need to remember an adult is what the child needs proper example for elders and their support and approval. Only then in the fight with kilograms, the baby will win.