Obesity is a chronic disease which cannot be cured completely. The weight can come back as soon as people drop out of diet and start to eat the same as before. Therefore, in the fight against excess weight requires a complete lifestyle change. Try to teach children to make choices in favour of healthy products. Weight gain contributes, first of all, the foods that contains little nutrients and lots of calories. A lot of kids favourite chocolates, chips, ice cream, French fries contain a very large number of nutritious fat. Try not to prohibit categorically the child eat them, and negotiate. Discuss what you can eat when and how much. And most importantly – start with yourself. A personal example is a necessary condition if you want to have a son or daughter eat right.
Limit your intake of flour products: bread, cakes, crackers and other baked goods. In the refrigerator always try to keep something good and healthy snacks that the children love so much. Let it be, for example, fruit salad or jelly from the berries. Healthy food (fruits, nuts, seeds) always put in a prominent place in the center of the table, and candy, put them in the closet, on a shelf - away. So the child will be easier to get used to the correct food. To quench your thirst and offer him fresh-squeezed, natural juices, unsweetened herbal or green tea, water.
Give your child the opportunity to move more, engage in active sports. Enroll together in the pool, dance classes, ride a bike, play football, basketball. Try to walk more. To lose weight, the child needs to spend more energy than you consume.
It is very important to raise the self-esteem of a childto emotional injury because of the completeness in childhood, did not remain in their lives. After all, these children peers often give insulting nicknames, teasing them. Try to make sure that the child was better put. Control the weight loss, enjoy positive results, encourage him. There are special psychological methods for changing eating behavior. If you can't handle yourself – refer to specialists.