Let us consider, what to look for when choosing a model. How to choose a car, which will not interfere with operation of the vehicle and will serve to its owner for many years without breakdowns?

You first need to decide which model you prefer. For example, a CD radio with MP3 have the ability to play songs in various formats. Today, the most common and popular are such models of car stereos that can optionally show video. It is recommended to give preference to such well-known producers of stereos like Sony, pioneer and others. With the choice you will be happy to help the seller consultant in the shop.

No need to buy one of the cheapest models in its lineup. Believe me, nothing good so buying will not. Because as the famous saying goes, "Stingy man pays twice"! Better once buying the unit, not to spare their funds, and then for many years to enjoy high quality and good music than the money to spare, and after a few months to go to the store for a new cassette.

Consider carefully how much power is one or the other model. You must know that the equipment operates from the nominal power, it follows that the model you want to select on the basis of this indicator. Therefore, the higher value of this index, the most high-quality playback of music you listen to in your car.

Look carefully at all the connectors of any model. In many modern models now have new outlets to connect the most advanced and newfangled devices. There are special connectors ISO, which is visually divided into two parts. Model stereos with this connector today are the most popular fashion and in demand.

It is recommended to check from the acquired model, the presence of FM-tuner. It provides quality listening to the radio at different wavelengths without any interference. Check for additional features that can have a tuner.

Most importantly, be careful when buying, then be sure to buy a good model.