About the possible causes of impaired concentration should consult with your doctor to prevent serious illnesses.

Impaired concentration can occur at any time and at any age. The name hides the inability to concentrate their attention on performing a specific task. The boundary of transition from a temporary to a sustained violation not clearly defined.

Concentration means for the brain high level of efficiency, accompanied by an additional expenditure of energy, therefore limited in time. Therefore, the reduction of concentration does not mean it fails. This is a completely normal process. One who has for a long time concentrated work feels in the end, weary, as after great physical exertion. The higher must be the concentration when performing intellectual tasks, the smaller the period in which the brain can work at an appropriate level.

In violation of the concentration in positive situations, there is a spontaneous switching, a distraction from the urgent tasks of thoughts or actions on other objects. For example, when the students when the homework starts to play at a table or sit dreamily.

The concentration can also be trained, as muscles. Positive emotions, a change of activity, exercises to strengthen memory as well as balanced exercise and nutrition will help to keep the concentration at the proper level.