Very often, dads don't participate in games with babies, entirely providing courses mother. The games allow the child to get used to the father, his appearance and tone of voice. Growing up, the child will not perceive it as something alien. In turn, the father learns to understand her child from the first days of life.

Father to son, it is primarily support and protection. To establish a relationship with a little boy snap, from the Pope just needs communication and a genuine interest in his Affairs.

A schoolboy with a father can play in the men's game – football, hockey, basketball. The father can deal with him men in household chores. Together to hammer a nail to hang a shelf or to take the boy to the garage. Just constantly seeing before him the example, the boy will grow up to be a real man. Grown-up son wants an equal relationship with the father. And often teenage rebellion in the family is caused by the unwillingness of the father to see his son his equal man.

All the kids acting up and parents are forced to punish them. Daddy's punishments are usually more severe than the punishment of the mother. Physical punishment will be much more efficient and better than the humiliation and ridicule. You just need to explain the errors.

The basis of relations between father and son, is trust. The father should always be interested in his son's life. If dad is indifferent, my son, disappears the need to communicate with him. The son will find a more sympathetic ear, or digs in. And in the relations father – son, the crack will appear.