A typical situation – the son does not obey his mother's requests to put toys away or to go out to eat, and after long persuasion the mother gives up. Passing dad can not stand and issued an ultimatum informs the child that he would have to obey. But mom already gave up, and the little tyrant feels it. Often dad has to slap a child on the butt, to get their way. The child begins to cry and finds comfort from mom. As a result, between the parents starts a verbal altercation, one of them is right, and how to raise offspring. While the couple forget that the child continues to be around.

It was at this point in the child's head comes an unconscious understanding of the parents – the "good COP" and who is "evil". Next, the child will definitely use the obtained knowledge with their requests will always come to "good" parent.

That is why any negotiations relating to the upbringing of the child, should not take place in his presence. And if the opinions of the parents are radically different, you just need to find a compromise, combining the polar views and taking the best of them. For a child the main thing that parents were consistent in their upbringing. Then he will clearly understand how to behave, and what you expect from it.

Try too not to take care of a child, or from an early age he gets used to the increased attention, and will do everything possible to get it. In particular, this applies to bad behavior. The kid quickly realizes that quiet lying in bed does not lead to the constant attention from parents. But if something to throw, break, or cry loudly, will necessarily be followed by some reaction.

Also, try not to get involved in the Affairs of children of your beloved child if it does not carry him from danger. See that the child reaches for the toy, but does not reach? Instead of on the first call to bring it right in children's hands, give your child the opportunity and time to think that you can creep up and take the toy myself. Encourage children's autonomy and do not forget to praise your child whenever he deserves it.